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About us:
Mrs. Cupcakes focuses on serving unique and tasteful gourmet cupcakes for all occasions.  Mrs. Cupcakes specializes in customer service by providing consultations to make sure your cupcakes are designed specifically to suit your party's needs. 
Our cupcakes are made to order.  All flavors sold by the dozen. Minimum order is one dozen per flavor ordered. All of our cupcakes are packaged in our specially designed cupcake boxes to ensure safe transport.
You can either place your order by e-mail at Diane@mrscup-cakes.com or by telephone.  We offer free delivery to local areas.  We also offer set-up of the cupcakes on towers and tiers.  If you have any questions, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you. 
One fun fact about early cupcakes is that they were baked in teacups or ramekins before the invention of the multi-cup pans we use today. 
The largest cupcake ever made was 1,224 oounds, 4
feet tall and had 2 million calories.
Cupcakes can be referrred to as fairy cakes in Britain or patty cakes in
Did You Know?
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